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Beautiful, clean carpets bring out the best in your entire house. They are the foundation of what you feel about your home. Rare is the house that is filled with exquisite furniture and decor and dirty carpet. It may be a reason why so many people take their shoes off before they enter a relative's, neighbor's or friend's house.

How you can make carpets last longer

This shoe-less habit is one of the major ways to make carpets last longer. Even if you haven't stepped in mud or dirt, you carry dust and debris on the bottoms of your shoes. Live in cities like Atlanta, Georgia, places where pollen accumulates during early spring and you'll see how much you carry into your house right from the bottoms of your shoes.

Teach everyone who lives in your home to take their shoes off before they enter. You can also make carpets last longer if you:

  • Vacuum carpets once a week. Also, vacuum carpets after you notice spills and stains. Leaving stains on carpets could cause the stains to spread or deepen. You can also try sprinkling baking soda on carpets before you vacuum them.
  • Dab at stains instead of scrubbing them. Clean stains off of carpet fibers so the stains don't widen.
  • Sprinkle carpet cleaners across the floor before you vacuum. Use dry carpet cleaners, as moisture can damage vacuum cleaners. Too much moisture can also cause carpets to stink.
  • Apply professional scrubbers to the floor twice a month. There are floor scrubbers that you can buy at the grocery store. These small devices can help carpets last longer. Cleaners that you can rent often incorporate water into the cleaning process. Equipment that you buy often incorporates powdery or foam cleaners.
  • Dry carpet should one or more rooms at your home get flooded. Depending on how much damage the excessive water does to carpets, you may have to replace a portion or all of the carpet. You'll know if you need to replace carpet after you dry and clean it. Plan on reaching out to a carpet company should mildew odors and stains continue following a flood.
  • Place carpet rollers in front of doors. This helps to catch shoe stains before people take their shoes off.
  • Take off or shake out clothes after you work in the yard or on a car before you enter your home.
  • Open windows when you shampoo carpets to allow carpets to dry thoroughly.

Road to a beautiful, carpeted home

Just as the cement foundation that holds your entire house up is key to the look and feel of your house, carpets that line your floors also play a foundational role. To keep this carpeted foundation clean takes work and commitment.

It also takes a sharp eye. You don't have to take action each time you spot dirt or stains on your carpet. But, you do have to avoid giving into the temptation hide carpet stains and dirt. Payoff includes less allergens, insects and viruses. Make carpets last longer and you'll also gain a beautiful home.